Freeware Barcodes aus Bilddateien lesen und testen

Freeware read and test Barcodes from image files.




Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Barcode recognition - fully automated!

With the QS-DocumentAssembler Windows-Application, you can use barcodes to automatically read, sort, group, index and archive your documents! With flexible configuration!
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Recognize barcodes - using your programs!

Using the QS-Barcode SDK, software developers can easily integrate the barcode recognition into their own programs.
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Recognize barcodes - and other data!

Automatic mass form recognition with document scanners, data capture of barcodes, markings, handwriting and machine writing. QS-Beleg makes all of this possible. For professional use.
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Read Swiss ESR-Codes with your Webcam

ESReader is an innovative software for reading and transferring the ESR-Code of Swiss payment slips with a standard webcam. With ESReader you can greatly facilitate your electronic payments.
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